- Teaching school children new skills and raising awareness about children in need worldwide.


The outdoor dinning room, study, playroom and art center.
Kids helping Kids
by making and selling jewelry

Didi, one of the ladies who
run the orphanage.

In February 2010 Mariann Tilton and Mark Brush visited 3 orphanages Bali, Indonesia. They fell in love with one of them, Narayan Seva, that is located in north Bali, the old capitol, Singaraja. Three wonderful women are running the orphanage and they need a lot of help.

There are 80 children of all ages varying from infant to 17 years old. Their resources are very limited; they use two faucets that are installed into a concrete wall to bathe and to wash their clothes. This is a major improvement from bathing in the sewage line, where they used to bathe and get skin diseases from the water. They also use a tire rim as their stove to cook their meals.

Children bathing and washing clothes.

The children help out with all
the chores and help each other.

Mariann and Mark donated pencils, crayons, coloring books and toys. While Mark was playing with the kids a board game that he donated, to Mariann's surprise, the kids made necklaces and bracelets from the playdough that she gave them to play with. At the time, she owned a bead shop. She thought: "I will bring them real beads next time."

Mariann with the kids.
Notice the playdough"jewelry".

When she came back to the US, she came up with an idea to support the cause. She asked her customers to donate their unwanted beads and jewelry and she sold them to other customers. She was able to raise $3500 by selling recycled beads and jewelry.

The foundation of the new home for the newly arrived children.

In July 2012 she closed her shop and now she is dedicating her efforts to raise money by making and selling jewelry to raise funds. She was able to help them to finish the home that needed a roof and they already started making a new home for the new children who arrived recently.

The children do yoga and
meditate twice per day :-)

Rachel F. is stringing a beautiful necklace.

Mariann helping Rachel H. to select
a clasp to match her bracelet.

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Her new idea is to teach children in the US to make jewelry and educated them on how children live in other countries. A few weeks ago she went to Waynesboro High School in Pennsylvania to teach the students in the art class to make jewelry. Trudy Gembe, the art teacher, created a power point presentation with some information on Indonesia and photos from the orphanage.

Matt is creating a bracelet. He also came back after school to make more jewelry.

To both of their surprise, the students were really creative and did an excellent job making professional looking jewelry. Last week, they came back after school to make more. The enthusiasm of the students drove both Mariann and Ms. Gembe to tears.

Some of the children bought their creation for themselves or as Christmas presents.
So far they raised almost $500 and they will be selling more jewelry at local craft shows.

Since the Indonesian government is not involved in funding orphanages,
they rely entirely on individual donations.

If you would like to donate to help these precious children, you can do it by going to 100% of your donation will benefit Narayan Seva. You can also visit their website at:

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So far we raised over $8000
for Naryana Seva Children's Home!

Thank you for your support!

Devon selecting beads for her project.

The next Beading for Orphans event will be at:

Synergy Massage Center
13593 Monterey Lane
Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. 17214

August 9th
from 11 AM - 2 PM

Do you know how to make beaded jewelry? If you don't, we'll teach you! :-)

Please bring your beading tools, beading board and reading glasses if you have any.

If you decided to purchase that jewelry that you created we'll give you a 30% discount off the retail price!

100% of the proceeds will benefit Naryana Seva Children's Home in Bali, Indonesia!



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